Thursday, June 07, 2007

Padres Game!

Last night Adam's work got us box seats for the Padres vs. Dodgers game! We aren't huge fans when it comes to baseball, but we had so much fun at the game! Our private box office had a kitchen with beautiful food and a nice restroom, which was great because we didn't have to fight the crowds. We also witnessed this:

"Trevor Hoffman already is the most prolific closer in Major League history. Now, he has recorded one of baseball's all-time great achievements: 500 saves. Hoffman did it in a 5-2 win over the Dodgers on Wednesday before a euphoric PETCO Park crowd."
The picture is of Trevor right after he won his 500th save! Adam and I didn't expect to witness a major part of history last night!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Haha Don't we look Beautiful!

Cindel's Wedding

My younger sister, Cindel, got married on May 26th. Here are some fun pictures from her wedding! She looked absolutely beautiful!


Hanging out at the Maxwell House

After Paris, Adam and I stayed with my parents until he started work. Adam had so much fun playing guitar hero with his brother-in-laws. He looked so cute as he was playing because he got so into the game! He's just my little rocker husband:)
The second picture is when we were laying down after walking down from the Eiffel Tower. We were exhausted, so we decided to take a quick nap before continuing on.

More Paris Pics!


My goodness Paris was fun!!! I wish we stayed longer. It was like our second romantic! We visited the Louvre for a couple days, went to Versailles, visited the Eiffel Tower, saw the Moulin Rouge, and much more! Email me for detail, it is just too much to type!


Ok, I know it has taken me forever to post, but I do have some good excuses. Adam and I have been the busiest we have ever been these past couple months. We had Graduation, Paris, moving to CA, sisters wedding, and finding a job. I do apologize for not posting, even though not that many people look at my blog! Well, I am about to post a lot of pictures...enjoy!