Saturday, September 30, 2006

The night we said "I Love You"

These are pictures from the night we said, "I Love You!" That was the dinner Adam had all set up for us in the middle of a beautiful field. This field was about 15 minutes from our apartment. Yes, we live in the middle of no where!! Anyways, it was a wonderful night!


I don't think any of you have seen these pictures of Adam and I, so I decided to post them! The first picture is of us four wheeling. This picture was taken about 2 weeks after we started dating...and let me tell you, I was SO NERVOUS when we were on those four wheelers, but of course I never told Adam..haha.
The next picture was a surprise date Adam took me on, which was hores back riding, I was so much fun! I had a horse named Goldie; she was very old and slow, which was nice:)
This next picture was taken in San Fransisco. It was in the summer of 2005 when I visited his family for the first time. Those dogs were owned by the meanest owner; it was sooo sad!
This picture was taken when we went boating last summer. SO much fun! I tried to find a picture of Adam wake boarding, but I couldn't find one.
And finally the last picture was also taken in San Fransisco. We were at the Ghirardelli Square. THere were so many beautiful lights and great chocolate to eat. Mom you would have been in Heaven!! Ok Callie, I put a lot of pictures! So you better comment!!

Bowling Night!

This is a picture of Adam and I last year on one of our bowling nights. We used to bowl almost three times a week, but we haven't in a while. I think this Christmas we should get the whole family to go bowling! It really is so much fun! But don't be sad when Adam beats everyone...haha!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


This is just a cute picture of Adam and I. This was taken while we were in Utah visiting the family. Isn't he so good looking?? Anyways, we are doing well and can't wait to graduate in April! Miss you all!

Salt Lake Trip!

These are some pictures from our Salt Lake trip visiting the family. We miss you guys so much!!

Saturday Night

We are at a restaurant called Heart Mind and Soul. It's a neat place; they have bands playing and couches to relax on. We like getting out of our house on the weekends and hanging out with friends.

Home Sweet Home

This is where we live. We live on that extention to the house. And yes we have to go up and down those creepy stairs all winter long! We do love it though. We just keep telling ourselves that wherever we move from here will be a mansion!

Idaho Winters!

This is Adam and I at Targhee Snow Resort. It's about half an hour from our house. This might give you a little idea of what we live in most of the year. When we arrived I had a lesson from a professional snowboarder, which really helped me the rest of the day. I love watching Adam do his tricks on the snow!