Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our week in Florida! (warning, a lot of pictures)

At the entrance to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!! (my fave part of the trip)
First day at Universal.
It really looked just like the movies! So fun to be there.
This is the Owl Post. They had owls (not real, obviously) all around the building. The wands were also on the other side of this shop. And yes, I bought a Harry Potter wand. (don't judge, haha)
The castle.
A splash zone for the kids. It was SOOOO HOT in FL. I felt so bad for Bradley because he inherited my red face.
Cute smile. He was spoiled because we let him suck on his pacifier all week.
I love this picture. So cute together.
Cutest family EVER! This is Adam's twin Aaron, his wife Michelle, and baby June. They live in Seattle, but I wish we lived closer :(
My red face from the heat and Bradley passed out. I got a lot of cuddles this week.
Bradley and Grandma Lauper on a safari.
The Lion King show. It was AMAZING, but I couldn't get a good picture. My fave show of the week by far!
Cooling off at the pool at the house. We rented a big house instead of a hotel. It was so nice to have the space and everyone under the same roof.
The twins and their sleeping babies.
June in a funky wig. This was so funny because she loved the wig, and Bradley instantly cried when I tried to put it on him.
Me, Adam, Julie, Michelle and Aaron right before our Arabian Nights Dinner show.
The whole gang the morning we left. It was sad to leave because we don't get to see Julie and her kids very often or Aaron and Michelle.
Michelle and I with the weird wigs. I'm not sure what these wigs were for, but it was funny to scare the kids, haha. I miss her already!
If you're reading this you must have survived the overload of pictures. Florida was HOT, but super fun with all the Laupers. Oh and if you noticed my belly is a little chubby it's because I'm pregnant!!!! I'm sure most of you know, but I'm 16 weeks pregnant and we are so excited!!